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For PYSF/ PYSWO President - Hafiz Salman Naveed

From Faheem Siddiqui (F.I.R- Geo TV)
Our Society desperately needs people like Hafiz Salman Naveed. He is an individual who likes to face the challenges with open heart and mind and I have always found him to be the role model for other people. PYSWO platform was a concept initiated by him and under his leading abilities is growing strong.

From Shehla Raza (Deputy Speaker)
Hafiz Salman Naveed is an enthusiastic individual who knows his role and knows how to get things done despite of all the negativity in the society.

From Saleem Siddiqui (Senior Journalist Qaumi Akhbar)
Hafiz Salman Naveed works in a way like no other person can do. He knows how to gel a team into one unit. He is always in contact with people around him and also to those who seek his advice. Media always remembers the services he has given on voluntary basis with no benefit what so ever. He has always been there in tough times of everyone including the journalists and the people around him.

From Haji Hanif Tayyab (Founder AlMustafa Medical Center)
Hafiz Salman Naveed is an individual has always played an important part whether it is religious or social sector. His services will always be remembered in the history books in times to come. He has always remembered us and we wish he is able to achieve all his goals he is striving for.

From Shahid Masroor (ARY Q-TV)
Every project is guaranteed to succeed in which Hafiz Salman Naveed is involved. He is a compassionate and hardworking individual and that is what he is able to achieve what he sets out for.

From Munneer (Jasarat Newspaper)
Hafiz Salman Naveed is a caring individual and a leader by example who always comes forward in helping others. It’s very hard to find people like him in today’s world.

From Mazhar Abbas (ARY News)
Hafiz Salman Naveed possesses excellent skills of presentation and he also plays his active part in the social welfare affairs.

From Abdul Hannan (National Bank of Pakistan)
Hafiz Salman Naveed is always found helping in those places where people are dying because of hunger and starvation and are unable escape from their social problems. He is a man of poor people. May Allah always help him and protect him from the evils of the society. Aameen.

From PYSWO President - To PYSWO Team Members

Masroor Ahmad Khan (VP PYSF & General Secretary PYSWO) - He is the man of his words and he is my best friend and a good strategic individual. He has a good sense of humor and has sympathy towards everyone. He is a man who gave great suggestions about everything which I done.

Dilshad Khan (General Secretary) - The most devoted PYSWO icon, who is always prepared for the planning of the programs and events. He is very helpful in photography for PYSWO and PYSF. He is a very generous man, has a social thinking and wants to end the crises in our country.

Shahida Khan (Secretary and Treasurer) - A great working lady social worker as well as media person, Shahida Khan has done a lot for PYSWO including charity based PYSWO free schooling system. Her sacrifices for PYSWO are countless. She is also the head of Ladies wing of PYSWO.

Zain Khan (Coordinator PYSF, KU) - He is the most positive and dedicated man in PYSWO. He is highly educated with best business plannings. He also helps to design the infra-structure of PYSWO and initiate the innovations in PYSWO planning and developmental sector.

Umair Khan (Contributor) - He is the most strategic planner in the line of PYSWO social circle platform. He has organized various meetings with social welfare department (special education for disabled children), govt. of Sindh for PYSWO. He is also responsible for solving all media issues for PYSWO.

Danish Raza (Designer) - He is the best designer as well as the social worker having a creative mind. He has planned PYSWO platform for designing for all the designers. He has played a vital role for the designing of brochures for PYSWO.

Muhammad Shoaib Khan (Social Activist) - He is the best social worker for PYSWO. He is a social activist as well as medical facilitator. Doing polio campaign and very helpful for PYSWO medical aid project. He has good social gathering and also have very good skills of speaking.

Imran Ur Rehman (Planning and Development) - He is the best computer specialist in short who possess all troubleshooting and networking skills. He is a good friend as well as a key person for software development.

Muhammad Faizan (Information Technology) - Last but definitely not the least, the man who devoted his time to PYSWO even though engaged in a hectic schedule of work. He certainly deserves recognition for the services he has given to PYSWO. He is the man of honor who believes nothing is more fruitful than hard work and passion to move forward. Limits and hurdles mean absolutely nothing in front of his dedication and positive frame of mind. May Allah bless him with all the success in every aspect of life.


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