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Salman Naveed, President

Mr.Hafiz Salman Naveed is a socially active individual doing what he thinks is right for him and his friends, peers, and fans. Hafiz Salman Naveed has done it all from poetry, TV program hosting, Radio Jockey and many more. He is president of Pakistan Youth Social Foundation. He has been a hope to many within his circles and continue to work for the achievement of goals and aims to work on the same no matter how odds may be against him. He has been formerly part and parcel of many other organizations of youth and worked as a planning and development consultant. In 2005 he co-hosted Ek aur Pehlu on Ary Digital and also been the guest speaker for many events and television channels including Savery Maya Khan k sath on Samma TV.

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Patriotic Youth Social Welfare Organization
PCSW: 1564
Department of Zoology, University of Karachi
Karachi, Pakistan

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