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Alhamdolilah, We are proud to announce that Patriotic Youth Social Welfare Organization have undertaken following projects. All thanks to the effort of all the members of Patriotic Youth Social Welfare Organization, for showing utmost dedication and uniting for a cause to help humanity.

Youth Passion Magazine

Youth Passion Magazine is official publication for Patriotic Youth Social Welfare Organization. The magazine offers diverse issues faced by youth all over the world. Youth Passion magazine aims to highlight youth’s God gifted abilities. This magazine will set a ground breaking example for Pakistani youth and how they can achieve goals despite of all the hurdles. The basic theme behind youth passion magazine is simply “Never give up, love what you have and prove yourself in the same way God created you”.


PYSWO Media Research Center

PYSWO Media Research Center aims to highlight hidden talent of youth of Pakistan. We believe that Pakistan has got gems rather than mere talent. The talent of Pakistan speaks for itself both locally as well as on an international perspective. Thus, PYSWO Productions aims to take initiative working for the betterment of Pakistan and at the same time providing a platform to youth, where they can polish their skills and get a chance to shine brighter tomorrow.

PYSWO Free Schooling Initiative

The prime motive of Patriotic Youth Social Welfare Organization, for this purpose we have initiated a free schooling concept known as PYSWO Free Schooling initiative. It is the poor that need proper facilities of education and thus for this purpose Patriotic Youth Social Welfare Organization provides them an opportunity to receive best education without having to spend money of their own. For this purpose, higher authorities and privileged persons will be the ones responsible to bear the cost on their behalf.


PYSWO Educational Information Cell

The PYSWO Education Information Cell aims to provide all you want to know about education be it admissions or any other educational event. We will also provide information related to the internships in educational sector and would welcome those who want us to provide them all the answers. Patriotic Youth Social Welfare Organization thus gives the youth a chance to step forth and teach wherever they want to. We will provide them all the necessary materials as well according to their family background and social stature.

PYSWO Handicap Kindergarten

Patriotic Youth Social Welfare Organization aims to extend their hand in support of handicaps and other vulnerable groups. For us they might be the ones that have lost their organs but not their heart and soul. We aim to encourage talented individuals who can prove that disabilities do not matter when you have a big fighting sprit to carry with.

PYSWO Child Health Welfare

For Patriotic Youth Social Welfare Organization, children are the heroes of tomorrow. For this purpose, it is important that we should be the ones worried about that our Pakistani kids are healthy and up to date according to the contemporary environment of a world. PYSWO Child Health Welfare aims for the same and highlights the issues of child health.

PYSWO Employment Exchange

PYSWO Employment Exchange might turn out to be solution for the unemployment. Patriotic Youth Social Welfare Organization aims to provide people with job opportunities. For this purpose, we would like that all the companies contact us in providing suitable jobs in their departments according to their education.

PYSWO Women Health

Patriotic Youth Social Welfare Organization aims to highlight the health and social issues of women. Pakistani women do deserve credit of what they have achieved and continue to surprise and shine bright.

PYSWO Blind Deaf and Dumb Schooling System

Patriotic Youth Social Welfare Organization aims to plan a schooling system for blind, deaf and dumb children. It is these special children who might have been unfortunate but actually they are the most fortunate ones. They are blessed with the abilities of sense like no other. We at PYSWO Blind, Deaf and Dumb Schooling System, will provide them with educational system that would benefit them for better tomorrow.


PYSWO Animal Violence Protection Committee

Animal violence is issue all over the world especially in Pakistan. For this purpose Patriotic Youth Social Welfare Organization comes forward to raise voice against the violence of the animals. Animals do deserve same rights as humans. We aim to provide assistance to all the teams working for the benefit of animal shelter, animal violence and animal welfare.


PYSWO Urdu Adab Talent Ambassadors

Pakistan is undoubtedly blessed with the most talented youth. Pakistani talent has always been respected and recognized as unbeatable in all walks of life. Through PYSWO Urdu Adab talent ambassadors, Patriotic Youth Social Welfare Organization provides the talented urdu adab individual to come forward and show what they are capable of.


PYSWO Orphan and Old Age Home

The aim of Patriotic Youth Social Welfare Organization is to provide basic needs to those helpless children who had lost their parents or have been disowned by them. We believe that every child is equal regardless of being rich or poor. It is the right of every child to enjoy the rights as they deserve and thus would like to provide them with awareness, education and basic rights. Besides providing home to orphans, PYSWO will also step forward and support old age people specially those who have no one to share their feelings with. According to a survey, there are more or less 30 million old aged people out of it most of them belong to below the poverty line families. Patriotic Youth Social Welfare Organization extends their hand out for the fullest support of the same and we believe that gems are never old.


PYSWO Islamic Research Center

Patriotic Youth Social Welfare Organization is working on various projects. besides that Patriotic Youth Social Welfare Organization is also working on Islamic Research Center. Through this, PYSWO may provide information regarding Islamic issues.

PYSWO Natural Disaster Victims

It is never easy for the people to manage things in case of disasters and natural hazards. Patriotic Youth Social Welfare Organization aims to stand with them and provide them assistance in every way possible. During the tough times of their lives and show that we are One, We are united, and we are Pakistan.


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