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Thank you for your interest in advertising with us. People of Pakistan are facing a lot of adverse situations, thus resulting in overall deterioration in the fabric of society. Realizing the significance of media as a powerful tool for bringing positive changes in society, a group of academia along with social and media professionals has therefore assembled the launch of Patriotic Youth Social Welfare Organization to play their role.

We are working as a team to eradicate illiteracy from Pakistan. For the achievement of this noble cause we have worked on a plan to spread free education for all and convincing all major companies to play their role for the poor children to educate them by establishing free schools for them. It will save them from drugs, child abuse and child labor. We have almost 2000 members from all parts of Pakistan and we are growing stronger day by day.

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Contact: 0333-3446304 or Email us @ info@pysf.org

Patriotic Youth Social Welfare Organization, work on youth affairs, Pakistan, social affairs, philanthropy.

The basic motive for Patriotic Youth Social Welfare Organization is irradiation of illiteracy. We are a non political social welfare organization. We provide equal educational facilities without discrimination because we are one, we are united and we are Pakistan.

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Patriotic Youth Social Welfare Organization
PCSW: 1564
Department of Zoology, University of Karachi
Karachi, Pakistan

Contact Numbers:
0333-3446304, 0347-2440214
Email us @ info@pysf.org


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